Manage what you can measure

About PlatformU

PlatformU is a free online platform to help businesses in the productive sector and industrial areas remain competitive within the 21st century. The platform will help you to collect data on your organisation’s material use, your waste, the amount of space you use and even your additional staffing needs. Secondly, once data is collected, visualisations will help you to understand your resource flows. Finally, this will reveal opportunities to improve your business and help neighbourhoods to be more circular, efficient and competitive.

Our Features

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Collect data

PlatforumU, through simple digital tools helps you and your team to collect data about your business.

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Visualise data

Once you have collected data, PlatformU provides visualisation tools to show you how your business is performing.

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Make adaptations

By knowing how your business performs, PlatformU will help show you how to make improvements.

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