PlatformU is a free online platform that will be built specifically for businesses form the Buda district. With support of Vlaanderen Circulair, three researchers from the ULB / Metabolism of Cities VZW - Paul Hoekman, Adrian Hill and Aristide Athanassiadis - are developing a match- making platform.

What will the platform do?

At its core, the platform will help you to measure your material use, your waste, the amount of space you use and even your additional staffing needs. You can include a vast range of ma- terials (wood, water, steel, oil, paper...), spaces (storage areas, meeting space, showrooms...) or skills (graphic design, engineering, waste management...). The simple tool for your phone or computer can be easily and quickly completed by anyone in your organisation.

What does it look like?

You may use Google Analytics to help track the amount of hits on your website or you may use Strava to track your fitness. PlatformU provides customised reporting, that can be viewed through the platform or shared directly with your colleagues by email. Simply infographics, will help you to find ways to reduce waste or improve efficiency. Importantly, all of your data remains yours and anonymised.

What is the ultimate result?

Once you have used the tool for a few months, you will be able to spot trends and/or irregular- ities - you may be able to pick a waste stream to reduce or find a business that wants to use your waste. Once a group of businesses start using the platform regularly, the anonymised data will become visible for the larger community. The platform will then provide previously unknown insights on how the district operates. The more that can be learnt about the Buda district as a whole, the better services can be provided to support it. This means that the district will become more competitive and efficient and businesses and public institutions can share dialogue about how to plan for the future based on clear data.

What is in it for me?

As a pioneer, you will be able to shape the platform according to your needs by providing us your feedback. Furthermore, our team will be able to help you by providing support for resource consumption or waste. We’re looking for enthusiastic volunteers to join from Febru- ary 2019. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange a one on one meeting -buda@platformu.org.


PlatformU has been conceived, designed and developed Paul Hoekman (Metabolism of Cities / Penguin Protocols), Aristide Athanassiadis (BATir ULB / Metabolism of Cities) and Adrian Vickery Hill (BATir ULB). The platform was coded by Penguin Protocols.

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Paul Hoekman
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Adrian Vickery Hill
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Aristide Athanassiadis


BATir (ULB) is the Department of Building, Architecture & Town planning of Université Libre de Bruxelles with an extensive knowledge and expertise in material flow analysis, urban metabolism and circular economy. BATiR co-hosts the Chair for Circular Economy and Urban Metabolism.

Metabolism of Cities is an non-profit organisation based in Brussels that collaborates on systematically improving the sustainability of cities, by creating and sharing urban metabolism knowledge and accelerating its implementation in policy and practice.

Vlaanderen Circulair is the network for circular economy in Flanders, coordinated by OVAM (the Flemish Waste Agency). PlatformU has been financed through the Vlaanderen Circulair Open Call.