Our Features

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Collect data

PlatforumU, through simple digital tools helps you and your team to collect data about your business.

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Visualise data

Once you have collected data, PlatformU provides visualisation tools to show you how your business is performing.

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Make adaptations

By knowing how your business performs, PlatformU will help show you how to make improvements.


PlatformU is a work in progress. Many of the following features have been developed or are in the development phase. You can help the team improve the development process by providing features or functionality that is relevant to your organisation.


Data collection

Materials. All businesses consume materials and produce waste. We help you monitor how your business uses materials. This helps monitoring your waste, increase efficiency in your supply chain and save resources and money.  Delivered

Space. Land is expensive and we should use only what we need. Do you have space/land that you never use, why not rent it out? Are you looking for an original place to book as a meeting place or to rent as an office? Why not sublet existing places in the neighbourhood?  Delivered

Technology. Technology is expensive to purchase and maintain. Perhaps it would be more efficient for your business to hire a machine when you need it. Maybe you have equipment that could be hired to recover costs. Maybe a truck once a week and then could share it with your neighbour. PlatformU helps you to quantify how much you use your equipment.  Delivered

Staffing. Your business may need casual help or occasional expertise (like a designer or expert). Instead of using expensive labour hire, staff could be shared with other businesses in the neighbourhood. Maybe a neighbour is a certified safety expert and could give you some cheap advice. By pooling staffing needs and expertise, businesses can gain more from less.  Delivered



Seeing is believing. Through simple diagrams, PlatformU helps your business to see how it is performing. This way informed decisions can be made.  Delivered

Performance reporting. PlatformU will provide you with regular reporting. This is a useful tool to discuss progress with colleagues or shareholders. For businesses concerned with environmental impact of Corporate Social Responsibility, PlatformU will help to communicate your goals or impact.  In progress

Personalised circularity scores. Companies involved in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), particularly those that are certified B-Corporations or involved in BREEAM building certification for construction can use PlatformU to help track resource inputs and outputs while providing shareholders with a clear performance rating.  In progress



Matchmaking. PlatformU helps to break down your waste streams. This can help reduce your waste management costs by exchanging your underused or wanted materials with other companies that could use it - one person’s waste is another’s treasure!  In progress

Symbiosis. latformU helps neighbourhoods to optimise their infrastructure management (resource/waste management, logistics, economic planning). In this way you can share communicate with public authorities, or negotiate with waste management companies.  In progress

Get advice. Do you need help navigate around the circular economy and how to apply it in your everyday activities? Get in contact, it’s free.  Delivered